Retirement, Estate & Business Planning

Retirement & Post Retirement Planning

The Business Planning Group can help you review your clients’ financial standing to develop a retirement and/or tax strategy that will address their retirement and post-retirement needs. Often people do not realize that social security and retirement income is taxed, and that retirement investments may not be protected against market losses. They may also need a retirement plan that adequately covers a realistic length of retirement, is adjusted for inflation, and ensures protection of a surviving spouse.

Contact our professionals to discuss how our Retirement Income Study  Fact Finder can help get your clients started on creating a personalized retirement plan.

Estate Planning

Your clients’ estate needs may include both estate assets and business ownership issues. A comprehensive estate evaluation can help clients address important issues, such as:

Who will inherit my estate?

How will my estate be managed if I become incapacitated?

Will there be sufficient income available for my surviving spouse?

How do estate and gift taxes affect me?

Who will act as a guardian for my children?

These questions, and many more, may be addressed with your client using our Estate Planning Questionaire. Our team can help you work with your clients to answer these questions and plan their estate according to their wishes.

Business Planning

For business owners, a succession plan for business ownership is a must. Long Range Business Planning is essential to position the business properly for future events such as a loss of key people, uninsured or underinsured obligations, potential restructuring, sale or merger, and capital debt management. Our Business Succession Planning Worksheet is an excellent tool to begin an analysis of closely-held companies. Contact our team to help with this process.