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Let Us Help You Expand Your Business Outside of Tax Season

Many tax professionals already provide their clients’ counsel about tax reduction strategies, retirement planning, tax planning, business succession planning, estate planning, and business growth planning. Are you currently offering these services? If not, then WHY NOT? If the reason is lack of time or expertise, then you have an option that can remove those two stumbling blocks.

As a tax professional, you are among your clients’ most trusted advisors. Assist your clients by providing the right financial professionals with whom to work. The Business Planning Group is designed to be an extension of your practice. As team captain, you approve any direction taken; you maintain your independent counsel, and nothing will be presented to your clients without your complete approval. In fact, any plans developed will be presented to you first. You get to decide how to present the information to your client.

Your ultimate goal is to provide your clients with the services they need – and in today’s marketplace, if you don’t do this, someone else will. Many firms, unfortunately, may find it especially difficult to obtain specialized expertise in complicated areas such as estate planning. Our team can provide your firm with the needed expertise while the tax professional focuses on the client relationship.

How Our Team Can Enhance Your Business

The Business Planning Group includes tax reduction specialists, retirement specialists, and technical support specialists. Professionals do the research and create reports for you to present to your clients. The Group’s professionals are good listeners who seek to fully understand your clients’ circumstances and financial objectives before proposing possible solutions. These services are provided exclusively to Drake Software customers through the Business Planning Group.

So, how does this work?

It’s a four-step process

The first step is to identify a potential need for services. As the tax professional, you are in the unique position of assessing your client’s circumstances. As a result, you’re aware if they’re paying tax on their social security or haven’t made decisions about their potential estate. The tax return preparation process is an opportune time to assess their need for BPG’s services.

Secondly, you and your client will fill out a simple questionnaire, which you’ll submit to our team for review. Questionnaires on Qualified Plans, Business Succession Planning, and Estate Planning may be found on our documents page. Submit completed questionnaires to BPG, and a plan will then be developed for your client. Once the plan is developed, you can discuss it with our team of professionals who can explain the details of the plan’s recommendations. There will be no “sales pitch” or other attempts to sell products. The primary purpose of this step is to review the facts and finalize a course of action for your client.

Once you have the approved plan, the third step is to present it to your client using whatever method you choose. You can have a Business Planning Group representative participate in your meeting with your client, but this is not required. If you choose to present the plan alone, you still have the assurance of knowing that our team is always there to answer any questions you should have. Once again, you’re able to focus on the solution for—and your relationship with—your client.

The fourth step comprises implementation and follow-up. BPG will be available to assist in implementing many of the recommendations made. Once again, the Group’s level of participation is your decision.

Your business relationship with the Group is that you have a consulting firm on retainer. As a Business Planning Group participant, the services and reports are provided at no additional charge. You may need to charge the client for your time (check with the BPG for details).


Our owners, Tony Brooks, and Frank DeArmond are available to answer your questions. Contact Tony Brooks at 828-558-2300 ext. 308, or tbrooks@bpg-online.com.

Contact Frank DeArmond at 828-558-2300 ext. 306, or fdearmond@bpg-online.com.

“I met Business Planning Group in 2008 at one of the Drake Seminars, and they have helped me grow.  I can now offer my clients services that I couldn’t before.  With the support system of experts that Business Planning Group has developed, I now have all these experts in my back pocket too.

One of the things I appreciate most is the service.  I have always been greeted with a friendly voice and a live body who (in my opinion) bends over backwards to totally be of service.  And, my clients can call them directly.  They don’t always have to go through me.   Business Planning Group always keeps me in the loop.  They send me an email with what my client is doing.

My clients are so happy that I can help them make investment choices.  Who knows their situation better than me, their accountant?

My clients are pleased with the service and the accessibility of The Business Planning Group and they love the projections and scenarios we can provide for them through The Business Planning Group.

Thank you Frank, Tony, Trudy and others, for helping me keep things in-house instead of clients going elsewhere for their investment needs.”

Shirley PraskoPrasko’s Accounting Firm