Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I partner with The Business Planning Group and maintain my firm’s integrity and client relationships?

A: The Business Planning Group is a national consulting firm that has helped in the planning of thousands of estates and businesses. The Group has specialists exclusively available to your firm through your relationship with Drake Software. This is a strategic alliance with accountants who use Drake Software and serves as your technical back-office support in the areas of retirement, estate, and business planning.

As an accountant, your advice is respected more than that of an attorney, financial consultant, or stockbroker. So, it’s logical that the most trusted advisor be the team captain, YOU. As a Business Planning Group member, you may charge consulting fees not only for your work but for the Business Planning Group’s time associated with each case, and keep all the revenue. Generally, the Business Planning Group will have four to ten times the number of hours as the accounting firm in each case.

Q: This sounds great. Where do we start?

A: As a Drake Tax software member, you’re already answering questions for clients and are willing to help them with their financial planning needs, but may lack sufficient in-house staff or technical expertise. You can work with the specialists at The Business Planning Group to develop strategies for your client, yet maintain control of the planning process and periodic reviews with your client. If you currently do not have an alliance with another technical support organization and you do not market or sell financial products, then we can partner with you to help protect your firm from losing clients to larger companies.

Q: I feel uncomfortable exposing my clients to any organization outside my practice. How is The Business Planning Group different?

A: BPG is an extension of your practice, and as the team captain, you approve any direction taken. You maintain your independent counsel and nothing will be presented to your clients without your complete approval.

Q: OK, I feel more comfortable. What’s next?

A: For more information, contact Tony Brooks at 828-558-2300 ext. 308 or . You may also email us at