Documents & Forms

Business Planning Group has provided the forms below to help you with retirement, post-retirement, estate, and business planning needs for you or your client. Feel free to complete any of these forms and return to us for further evaluation and assistance. Make sure to set aside appropriate time with your client to fill these forms out completely and accurately. Submit completed documents to BPG and a plan will then be developed for your client. Once the plan is developed, you can discuss it with the Group’s professionals who can explain the details of the plan’s recommendations.

  • The BPG Qualified Plan Evaluation Form is an excellent tool to do an initial analysis for clients who are interested in establishing or updating a tax-qualified plan for their firm. The information on this form is required in order to propose a qualified plan.
  • The BPG Business Succession Planning Worksheet walks clients through the initial process of planning for their retirement, or other transfer of ownership of their business.
  • The BPG Estate Planning Questionnaire assists your clients to define their goals for the disposition of their estate.
  • The BPG Fact Finder for Retirement Planning and the BPG Fact Finder for Estate Planning helps to create a thorough picture of your client’s goals for their retirement and estate.
  • The 2020 BPG Retirement Planning Guide provides accountants with more detailed information on offering qualified plans to your clients.

Qualified Retirement Planning is another way to add value to your client relationship, which requires familiarity with a myriad of tax planning tools, including retirement plans. Our specialists at BPG and partner pension administration firm can show you how a qualified plan can be of benefit to your clients, or to your own company, and provide you with tools to help you determine when a qualified plan may be an appropriate option.

Please click on the links below to download forms. The following documents are for the use of BPG members only.

2020 Retirement Planning Guide 
Retirement Income Study Fact Finder
Qualified Plan Evaluation Form
Plan Design Worksheet
Estate Planning Questionnaire
Business Succession Planning Worksheet